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Update on Garmin GPS Power Cable

We have been experimenting with the Garmin Oregon GPS to see how it reacts to being powered with the 3BR Powersports Nuvi Power Cable described above.
We are pleased to report that it powers up and navigates just fine which allows it to be used on long rides without having to worry about running out of battery power.
When the Oregon is plugged into a USB power port using this cable the "External Power" icon shows up on the main screen jsut above the satellite status icon (see below)

Needless to say, the batteries will not charge since there is no charging circuit inside the Oregon. Also, plugging a USB cable into the Oregon eliminates the weatherproofing. We made some mods that provide weatherproofing when the USB cable is plugged in. They can be found here:
It is important to remember that the 3BR Powersports Nuvi Power Cable is for power only and cannot be used for data transfer. The data lines are not connected internally.
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