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Don't want to swerve to far off course here, but OLD turbo's like the CX were not a low pressure turbo, they built their boost late in the RPM range and came on strong with a bang, also CX 650. I am old enough to remember riding Trump 650's almost EVERYWHERE, even hill climbs.
What makes a modern LOW pressure turbo work is electronics, knock sensors, oxygen and bar pressure sensors, They build boost and TORQUE way early in the combustion cycle, making for a small, lightweight, very tractable motor. VW was the first to push them on a large scale with the 1.8T, now they are every where, just google ecoboost.

Living at 6,700' with two airheads, that regulary go above ten, I don't think you will have any problems. The second post would be more important. Lots of people have trouble above 14,000. Vision gets wonky, headaches, strength and coordination. Never mind clear thought. Stop at the top and try to run!
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