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Fairbanks, AK to Wasilla, AK

Day 16 June 15, 2010
Mileage Today: 363
Total Trip Mileage: 5,527

So, last night we had discovered that our credit card was most likely still in the possession of the lady at the Yukon River Crossing Gas Station. We made a plan that evening to retrieve the card. First, we did some googling, and after a few wrong number/wrong place we found the right number and contacted the gas station. A guy answered, Nikki explained the situation, and he said, "Yep, got your card right here." Good, but how to get it to Fairbanks. Nikki asked if there was anybody there getting gas (preferably on a motorcycle, i suggested in the background)? He said no, but there was a tour bus scheduled to be through there in a couple of hours, and they will eventually return to Fairbanks. "I can put the card in an envelope and give it to the driver, and tell him to leave it at their office in Fairbanks, and you all can retrieve it from there.", the guy from the gas station suggested. Sounds like a good enough plan to us . We then contacted the office of the tour bus company in Fairbanks, and explained our situation. They were cool with everything and said they open at 8am. Had this happened anywhere in the lower 48, we probably wouldn't of been so lucky. I am sure they would have had some sort of "policy" in place that would prevent the bus driver to do something like that to help some folks out. Very few stupid rules in Alaska. I believe their slogan could be something like, "Alaska... If you are a pussy, please go home"

The morning came, and went to kill a bit of time until the bus tour company opened up.

This was also the day we started our new kick - Safeway Grocery store for breakfast. It was awesome. Donuts/Muffins 3 for $1, Good Coffee and free wifi. WE frequented this place as much as possible for the remainder of the trip.

After breakfast we made our way over to the tour bus company place, over near the airport. Went inside *fingers crossed*

"Umm, yes, Hi! Umm, we left a credit card at the gas station back up the road at the Yukon River Crossing, and the bus driver last night was supposed to bring it back here and leave it for us."

The lady has a puzzled look, "What tour were you on?" "Uh, we weren't on a tour. We are on a motorcycle. We left our credit card at that gas station, then when we realized it we were back in Fairbanks, so we called the gas station, they said a bus tour was coming through and that he could bring it back here."

"Right.....", she says. "Let me go ask someone."

30 seconds later, she comes back, opens the drawer of the desk she was sitting at and says, "Here ya go!" and hands us an envelope with our credit card in it .

Crisis averted. But just to be safe, I sent a note to my banker at the time:


Please check my account for possible fraudulent charges, i.e.

1. 12 gauge rifles
2. Reindeer sausage
3. 350 gallons of diesel fuel (Possibly for a tour bus)

Now we can get the heck back on the road. We head South on the Parks Hwy towards Denali NP.

The weather was wonderful this morning.

15 miles North of Denali, in Healey, we stop for gas.

We also stopped by the local post office and got the largest "flat-rate shipping box" they had, and packed it full of stuff we didn't use (as well as 3 Hardcover Novels Nikki finished, yes i said hardcover)

Then it was into Denali NP.

Of course the weather had begun to change. It was really windy, with clouds moving in. Mt. Mckinley is hidden in the pic.

You can only drive a little bit into the park. Access into the heart of Denali is by bus only, and although my recent experiences with buses had been pleasant, we just didn't feel like committing to an all day bus excursion.

We drove in as far as we could.

Stopped at a parking area, sheltered ourselves behind the bike for a bit of wind protection and had lunch.

Where we had a visitor. Who tried to steal our Peanut Butter lid.

And then headed back out of the park.

Where we got back on the Parks Hwy and continued South. We got about 30 miles, before the rain started. We pulled over to add the rain gear items.

This was the last pic I took that day. The remaining hours were spent driving through rain.

By the time we reached Wasilla, I was done. We found a motel, hung our gear up to dry, and hoped the weather would be better tomorrow as we headed out to the Kenai Peninsula.


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