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Originally Posted by GoinPostal View Post
I am also heading up to Alaksa this June. Hoping to make it to Prudhoe Bay. Why did you decide to stop short of Prudhoe Bay? From what I understand the Arctic Circle is about 1/2 way up. I sure hope we get the same road conditions you got. I'm riding a VStrom 1000, my buddy is on a more sensible KLR650 for the Dalton.
Enjoying your report, thanks a lot.

I chose to stop at the Arctic Circle, mainly because I was 2up with Nikki. If the weather got bad on a trip all the way up to Deadhorse (which it would most certainly do at some point, either coming or going) then it would have been total misery for Nikki. Not to mention being able to handle the bike in those conditions 2up with street tires. And had I gone to Deadhorse, then I would have no reason to go back and do it again .

Also, I would say that the Arctic Circle is maybe half way between Fairbanks and Deadhorse, but only about 25% of the way from the start of the Dalton. Just make sure you have some knobbies on your strom if you are going all the way to Deadhorse (Prudhoe Bay), and I think you'll be fine.

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