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Well I have my cooler installed and running on my XR600. It's a beautifully made little thing. Apologies Mark for bolting it to such a ratty looking XR!

It seems to stand a bit further out than it would on an XRL.

EDIT: F*** YOU PHOTOBUCKET! My pic is right side up on the iphone, and uploads upside down. Then the photobucket online editor puts them right side up, but if I link to them from outside they're upside down again!

When I have some time I will cut the spacers down a fraction to try and bring it inboard a little, but there isn't much clearance on the other side of the actualy oil cooler body.

It works pretty well - I am getting temps about 50-60F less than I was before after long highway slogs and such, although ambient temps have dropped a few degrees recently and I am now running a different carb.

I intend to keep the small section of hard oil pipe that I cut out in my spares pack on the bike incase something goes wrong - I should be able to plug the two oil hoses back together in the event of a leak.
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