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Map Source Basics -Join Tracks - Part 6

Disclaimer* I am not an expert, this tutorial is not for experts. I did this to help ease the learning curve for those who are new to MapSource.

You have now finished the basic portion of learning MapSource and should know how to build Routes. So now we will drop back for a bit to tracks again but we will learn how to join tracks. Frequently we end up with several tracks in the same area all ending up near each other but not quite joining each other.

To illustrate how to join tracks we will first need to start up a new project screen in Mapsource. Please use the find tool to find Eureka Springs, Ar.

Once that's done you will have a blank map to start from.

Now you need zoom in to 0.2 miles so that when you draw your track you will better be able to adhere to the turns and corners with the track drawing tool.

You are now ready to build your track. We are going to draw a segmented track to illustrate how to join the two track segments together.

A tool note*** When you are drawing you may find that you need to start over but the draw line will be in your way (moves with mouse gestures) sometimes. To get rid of it simply hit the Esc (escape) button on your keyboard to restore the cursor click the track draw tool again.

Also remember if you mess up you can use the "undo" or "redo" button on mapsource.

On your map of Eureka Springs find the intersection of Highway 62 and Glen Ave. Select the track drawing tool (pencil) and left click at that intersection, now go toward the right of the window (east) and click on each change of direction that the road makes.

The closer to the radius of the turns that you can drop track points (each black dot represents a track point) the better finished product you will have. Follow the illustration below.

Now draw the second track segment. This track will start and Highway 62 and end at the intersection of Pivot Rock Rd. and Dairy Hollow Rd. (Shown Below). Make sure your two tracks do not touch one another.

To join tracks do the following:

1. Select the "track Join" tool from your track tool bar
2. In the Tracks Pane, select the first track (left-click) and it will be highlighted in the map display
3. Move the cursor (it will be an "S" with a "+" in the middle of it). There will also see a heavy black line extending from the end of the track to wherever your cursor is placed
4. If you find that the wrong end of the track is connected to the "heavy black line" just right-click and you will get a context menu that will offer you the ability to select the "opposite" end of the track.
5. Now simple move the cursor to the end of the track you you want to join with the first track. When the cursor hits the second track it will turn that track into a heavy black line. Once you have the cursor the END of the other track just left-click, voila' the tracks are joined. And will look like the illustration below.

Repeat the last step until all the tracks you want to join are combined. The finished track should be joined and look like the following illustration

Please note* Sometimes tracks will not join. This can be for a variety of reasons but the two most prevalent reasons are that the second track is nowhere close to the first track. The second reason is that the track was taken from your GPS and you may have several passes back and forth on the same track.

The first problem can be addressed (most of the time) by putting the two tracks you wish to join on the same MapSource page by opening them in separate mapsource windows (two copies of MapSource open, each with a track). Now do a a "copy" on one track and then "paste" it into the other instance of MapSource with your second track on it (simply hover your cursor over the open map and left click. You will now see two tracks on one MapSource window. Close the other MapSource track and window. You should also see two tracks listed on the tracks tab in the left MapSource pane

Now you may draw a third track between the first track and the second track and joining them.

The second problem is harder to deal with and at this stage I will delay addressing it.

The next section is Sharing Routes and Tracks - Part 7.

More MapSource Tutorials can be found HERE. (Scroll to the bottom)
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