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Canisterectomy done

I rode in heavy rain weekend before last and sure enough I started experiencing misfiring. I read up on the canister problem and did the resection today. I basically used the method at the start of this thread but instead of a Uni filter, I used an inline air filter for air brakes I found at Autozone. I hooked one nipple to the tank vent hose and the other to the existing hose that was hooked to the bottom of the canister. My bike already had the recall fix with a "Y" in this hose with one hose going to the bottom of the bike and the other to under the seat area. I'm thinking my canister was fouled with gas as I'm pretty sure I overfilled several times when I got the bike, not knowing of the problem. "Hell, fill that sucker up!" The canister smelled pretty strongly of gas. I'm planning a trip this weekend so I'll see if there's any improvement in running. It seems better just starting it in the garage.

One thing I found when doing this was that the wire bundle that goes from rearward just over the front sprocket to the area just behind the regulator was routed poorly and had been rubbed by the chain. The outer fabric cover was worn completely through but no wire insulation was worn that I found. I need to find some good electrical tape and try to repair. It's going to be difficult. Very tight quarters and everything is covered with chain gunk. Ah well.

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