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Originally Posted by presto88 View Post
I noticed the 12 gauge rifle mistake too but, being a Californian, I felt it probably wasn't wise for me to try and correct a Texan on such matters!

I'm lovin' the ride report! Jordan, do you know off-hand what the farthest distance was between gas stations? I've got an 1150GS and am wondering if I'll need to pack extra gas, or will my stock tank provide the range that I need.

The distances between gas stations supposedly changes every year due to new closing/possible re-openings. So keep that in mind. I think the longest we ever went between fuel stops was about 150 miles, and that was probably because we skipped one 30 miles or so after we filled up. It was never an issue, but the general rule of thumb once up in that area is to get fuel when you see it. I don't know if you plan on riding on the Cassier at all (we didn't), but the from what I've read, the fuel is definitely stretched out a bit more along it. We did carry 2 msr bottle for aux fuel (and cooking stove) but never touched them for the bike. FYI the tank on the V-strom holds 5.6 (?)ish gallons, and we averaged in the low 40's mpg. I think we encountered longer spacing between fuel coming through Nevada on Hwy 50.

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