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Installed the pinlock last night. Removal and installation of the visor is the easiest of any helmet I've ever worn. Absolutely love that feature!

The snow finally stopped falling yesterday so I was able to give the helmet a try this morning in nippy temps. The temps ranged from 16 to 24F. The vent at the top of my head lets a LOT of air in, really noticeable at low temps as it gave me a cold stripe up there. With the top vent closed and the front vent open, I had a little fogging at stop lights, but it went away the moment I started moving again. With the top vent open even just a bit, there was no fogging at all.

On the Interstate at speeds up to 85mph there was no buffeting. The helmet is noticably quieter than my old Nolan, but above 65mph there is still too much noise to do without earplugs. With earplugs it was a very pleasant ride.

I really like this helmet!

BTW: Where is the serial number located? Do you actually have to take the cheek pads out to find it?
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