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Thumb the amazing bladder review

well I had some time with my Hydration engine
so I will I need to say a few words

The geigerrig folks have down right impressed me with customer service
so that needs to be said and a huge thumbs up there. Emails from the Pres are not often come by in the world for consumer to product communications. These guys stand behind their product and let you know it. One can only wish same could be said about companies that make our motorcycles.

So my time with the bladder so far has consisted of a few hikes and bike rides and here are some things I felt needed mentioning;

The bladder is really well made, materials feel top quality and even look nice not that you care about that when they are in your pack but it is nice to see the attention to detail. The hoses and valves are really sturdy and do their job well. The pump works PERIOD. Having pressure in the bladder is just plain smart and beats sucking by miles especially when the bladder is getting low and you out of breath. Being able to spray folks from a distance is just something I have waaaay too much fun with and my 2.5 year old son loves it. The bite valve is awesome. Takes some getting used to the fact that it takes no effort at all to have the water flowing but I certainly am not going back.

By far though the best thing is just flopping the thing into the dishwasher.
No need for crazy cleaning procedures, and bye bye nasty tasting water and repeated bladder purchases.

I have not tested the the filter with dirty water yet (there was no need) but I did feel the need to test the bladder with the filter on and I will say that it works as advertised, water is pushed through without any trouble.

I haven't yet strapped an explosive device to it to challenge the leak warranty but I am pretty confident that it will work as advertised. Everything else did.

Those that have other types of packs and are considering the bladder alone, I can say go ahead I don't think you will regret it. I had no problems fitting into my Camel branded packs and a a few others I have around.
I have the 2L but I had plenty of space to fit the 3L into all of them.
All the packs but one had a strap to secure the pump on the left shoulder
and on the one that didn't a sweat band was used and worked flawlessly.
With the free filter I can say that this is just an unbeatable value even if you completely disregard the unique features and quality.

A big big thumbs up for this product and I strongly recommend it
to anyone who has considered using a hydration bladder as a means of carrying water or is in the market for one and not sure where to spend their money. From my experience it really does not get better then this.
my mini ride reports
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