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Nice vid on floating the gears. I think it is more interesting for those that have never driven, to watch the tach when floating.

The trucks I drive have a 400 rpm difference in gears. So, if I shift at 1600 rpm, I will let the rpms drop to 1200, then complete the shift. Downshifting is the opposite, at 1100, pull the lever out of gear, press the go pedal, at 1500 rpm put lever into the next lower gear.

When I first started driving, I had some problems shifting. My instructor pointed out the 400 rpm shift points and after that, piece of cake.

We run a variety of manufacturers, it is amazing how some will float so easily, but others, the foot feed is so sensitive that controlling the Rs is tough. The newer Internationals loose RPMs almost instantly it seems, where older Macks fall fairly slow.

Good reading.
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