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Originally Posted by spidennis View Post
Well dang it, I replaced the battery and it's still a "no go". oh frakk, now what? send it off to Garmin?

I did get two of those batteries so I'll try out the second one before shipping it off ....

and I found this about not acquiring satellites on the garmin website
I called Garmin and they said to try this reset:

shut the device off
press and hold the page button,
also press and hold the pwr on button.
Hold them both until the warning screen comes on,
then release both buttons.
Put the device in the clear sky and wait 15 minutes.

Sometimes the acquiring satellite software becomes corrupt
and this reset will fix it.

so I'm waiting ..........
btw, I did not see this instruction on their website.

edit: waited an hour ...... still nothing ....
I'll re install the original coin battery , do the reset and see what happens.

otherwise, it's off to garmin for their $170 flat rate fee to fix it.
then of course there's shipping costs .....

I called garmin again and they gave me the "Master Reset" button push .....
hold down page/mode button,
press and hold pwr on button and the page/mode button.
a screen will come on asking if you want to wipe out the memory.
(note: you will lose all your waypoints and tracks, save them first!)

Ta-Da!!! It's now working!
And it even found the satellites while inside my house!
Date and Time are also back to normal as well.
....... and I saved 170 bucks to boot!
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