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just everyday looking GIVI's right?

but! mine mount backwards!

example of where the original mounts would be

the trick

by cutting off the cross braces off the bars and switching sides with them.... right goes left and left now goes right... they flip upside down and clear the TT bracket

original holes

now they DO fit tight.... no touchy to the tank but close

adventure spec taken down with the plasma cutter

now many aren't gonna like the closeness off the bars.....

my solution:

the red tape to the top bolt shows a hole, grind off the tab, rotate it on the tubing but to be more vertical down.... all this still pivots on the lower front bolt.... no problem aye? not so easy.... the lower tab then contacts the engine casing.... no good! but can be modified! however by doing all this you once again raise the cross brace vertically and ever so much closer to the TT bracket which is what started this all....

rotates here:;

tab weld grinded off and spun off tubing causing it to spin backwards thus creating more room but more problems....

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