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Originally Posted by baldwithglasses View Post
But Fred? That's the ugliest goddamned bike I've ever seen. You'd better make that sucker work like no one's business to make up for the cacophonous riot of moto-vomit that I see in that photo. That thing looks like it's made out of WRONG.
It's not THAT bad. We ride BMW's ... our general opinion of what is tasteful is already in question. Deny that.

It also helps that I am a true left brainer. While I can identify colors ... they mean nothing to me. I see the structure, the forks, the suspension, how the frame works ... on a geometric level. Color? Yes. It has color (checking that off on the list).

Originally Posted by baldwithglasses View Post
That being said... I'd ride the piss out of it.
Now we're talkin ... and that is entirely the point. I have less than a grand in this bike ... as it sits. Right now. The point is really to see how much it actually takes to 'GS-ify' something and get me riding the trails!

After it's all said and done ... I will have a working trail bike that I already know the in's-and-out's of ... and it won't have costed me my savings, first born, or left nut ...

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