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Originally Posted by brecchi View Post
Hey guys, I am in San Jose and plan on crossing into Panama tomorrow. I was thinking of taking the southern highway which parallels the coast more, and then cross at Paso Canoas. But, after reading this post I am probably going to stay on the main highway and cross at Rio Sereno.
My question is, when I return from Panama in a couple of weeks, will I need to cross again at Rio Sereno in order to pick up my insurance papers again? (I still have 2 months left on it, have already turned them in once and picked them up again when crossiing back and forth from Nicaragua). I was planning on returning along the Caribbean coast and doing the Sixaloa crossing on my return, but I would hate to have to re-buy insurance again, since mine will still be valid.
If your insurance is still valid you don't need to re-purchase it, you also don't give the Panama side your CR TVIP or leave it there at Rio Sereno you keep it with you. You can cross into Panama at Rio Sereno and then leave via Sixola without a problem.
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