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So I just tried two more pilot jets. A 55 and a 45, and the one that was in it was a 50.
The 45 was too lean, so I didn't play with that one too much. Lean looking plug, not running smooth.
The 55 was better, I adjusted the needle height one step at a time and at each setting I adjusted the air screw in small increments right from seated to 3-1/2 turns out. I also adjusted the float height. Very time consuming
If the float is too high, what symptoms should I expect other that leaking from the overflow?

Anyways, I have it to a rideable state but it is still not perfect. I will start and idle well and perform AWSOME right through the range but at about 1/16-1/8 throttle it coughs and sputters still. And once I reach cruising speed, this is where I like to hold the throttle to maintain the speed. so its always coughing haha.

How about air intrusion between the carb and cylinder? I put a new reed gasket in it when the reed was replaced, I just put a skim of silicone on it, maybe it needs more?
The crank seals are only a few years old so I wouldn't expect them to be bad.
I put a new oring on the base of the main jet every time the carb is apart, and a new plug each work session.

P.S- I read the plug after every adjustment and its been looking clear. Not tan or dark or black, but clear....whatever thats about. The exhaust kinda smells rich however
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