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Originally Posted by wirewrkr View Post
Take the box back off and put each half down on a good flat surface, thick glass etc, and make sure it's square, ie, no one has modified it with a grinder or file.
I have seen some that sit just a little different than others, but it ain't rocket science, it's just an old BMW.
Why did you buy this? Was it because of the holes in the back?
Or did you just not have one?
I needed an airbox because mine was broken where it attaches at the right transmission stud. I put up an ad looking for a new one and lots of offers came in. My broken one had the holes, but they were drilled by hand. I don't know why i bought it, the price was right and I was use to looking at the holes I guess.

Anyway, I had thoroughly checked this thing out and it looks perfect, not modified in any way. the 2 halves mate well, and as a pair they match the engine and transmission very well, except for this one spot. I can understand variations between castings and such, but this is really way off and doesn't seem like BMW would have left it this way. I am just confused by it.

Could my transmission be something different?
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