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Originally Posted by nevadadirt View Post
Are there inexpensive pad replacements, where's the best place tp buy those?

Where's the best place to order oem parts?

Leaking where speedo cable enters trans....?..what does that mean?

Push rod seals, look like there are they often does that have to be done, hard to do?

My carburetors seems like they are leaking too, oily and leaky looking....?

Thanks for any info and help on how to get this bike back to reliable.....
Aside from the Galfer Greens, which some like (I have yet to try) for the reason that they provide a bit more bite, EBC supplies sintered and non-sintered pads for all airheads (disc and drum). Some folks object to EBC pads/shoes but I have always been pleased with them.

Leaking speedo cable at trans could be a worn speedo cable screw - check the threads, and if worn, buy a new screw with washer. PO might have over tightened it, which stretches the threads in the trans housing creating the leak. You only need to tighten until snug.

Push-rod seals only need to be done when they start leaking or when you have the heads off. If you know how to disassemble and reassemble heads, no sweat otherwise consider an airhead shop.

Both carburetors are leaking oil? Do you have the correct amount of oil or too much? The crankcase vents to the carbs via the junction in the airbox. Either the carbs have not been cleaned in a while, have bad gaskets/seals, too much oil in the sump, or combination of the three.

Good luck!
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