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I had everything clear to go to Willville. I was kind of psyched to get back to that area. My dad and I ran around there a bunch back in the day. I left the schoolhouse at 3:15:01. I had one small errand to run and then finish strapping the bags down and git it.

Since I live at the base of the Bleu Ridge, I have grown fond of the roads that parallel the foot of the ridge. I had scouted out a run that followed the base: Fish Hatchery, Brown Mtn Beach/Adako, NC 90, Setzer Creek, NC 268, Champion (!), Vannoy, Buckwheat, Old NC 16, Long Bottom, Traphill--and that gets you to Stone Mountain State Park.

Some of the scenery along the way

Stone Mountain General store serves up a righteous cheeseburger. Haystack brought me into Mount Airy, where I gassed up and hit it for the Blue Ridge. Not so fast, Bucko.

Nice day in Surry County, but up at the top of the ridge, it's looking Mordoresque.

That cell provided amazing fireworks the whole way up to Meadows of Dan. I arrived at Willville about 30 seconds behind a downpour. Will directed me into the shelter there and then around back to the porch, where I was handed a beer before I had my helmet off. I met some people for the first time and saw people I hadn't seen in quite some time. I guess that's what these things are for.

The rain stopped and I set up my tent. Shortly after...

Plenty to look at in the morning.

There were still hail pellets on the ground in the morning. We didn't get going until 10:30, and Dugspur Road had areas where rain had piled it up a few inches deep in spots.

Noonish at the top of Big Walker. Still looking good, might as well head into Burke's Garden.

623 is gravel bliss

This gives new meaning to the term "Rickroll." That 900 Supersport is saweet.

Rut Roh Reorge

We burned the gravel out of Burke's Garden and Grapefield Road. At Bastian we hit real rain. We rolled out through Hollybrook.

Big Walker Mountain at 4:30ish. How do you like me now?

That's it for Saturday's photos. I put my camera in a bag in a bag in a bag. I don't how far it is from there back to camp, but we did it in heavy rain. Bluejean boy was hypothermic, but Will's amazingly hot shower set him straight.
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