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Rounding Out the Pack


You are quite right that the pack can round out a bit when pressurized. However, when loaded in a GEIGERRIG pack...especially the RIG 500 and RIG 700, you will find that this isn't much of an issue at all. Our packs a designed specifically to facilitate the pressurized benefits that the GEIGERRIG offers without the affect that you mentioned. When loaded into a Camelbak pack, you certainly may experience the rounding affect. The Camelbak packs assume that you are going to suck and therefore do not anticipate the inclusion of a pressurized hydration system where sucking is not required.

Thanks for your purchase of a Geigerrig, and don't be a stranger. Always feel free to contact us directly anytime: or 801-823-3336.


Bob Geiger

Originally Posted by Plinkerton View Post
Got my 3L bladder today.

It fits great in my CamelBak Trailblazer that I've had for years. It has 2 holes coming out of the bladder section, which works great for the drinking tube and the pump.

My old Platypus bladder was working great, but I was intrigued.

The Geiger is very well made, as was previously mentioned. Fittings are top notch, as are hoses, etc.

Very well thought out, and very well made.

I didn't think not having to suck would matter, but walking around the house with it on, it really is nice, and makes a difference.

One of the coolest things is that I can remove the pump and drinking tube from the bag without feeding them thru the holes in my pack, and remove the bladder for cleaning. It's pretty rad.

The only "con" I can think of, is that when pumped up, it can round out your pack a little. Before, my bladder would kind of mold to by back. With the Geiger, you can feel it a little. But a little loosening and adjusting of the straps fixed that.

Because of my stupid post office, I didn't get the filter yet, but that part was the selling point for me.

I think it's cool to be able to essentially never run out of water.

Will this thing filter pee?

Just kidding...

Anyway, Geigerrigs are sweet.

Buy one.

Or three.

EDIT: Oh, and when I emailed Geiger about the post office sending the filter back, he responded immediately and said he'd take care of it. GREAT customer service.
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