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Concerns of the day...Yeah just thinking about the TAT, just like an 18 yr old thinks about.........well you know what I'm saying.

Gearing concerns- Running a 15-44t currently, thought about keeping it that way, except going to a steel 44t on the rear. Talked to a friend today who is a practical off road guy, not to extreme and used to race. He thought a 38t rear would work out fine, even off road. Got me really thinking about it.A definite plus will be on the road, less vibrations from the motor (good for the return trip), improved gas mileage (road). Considering that my ridding style isn't aggressive this might be a good option.
Found 38t and 39t rear steel sprocket from Wheeling Cycle today.

Another concern- Tires, currently front Pirelli MT21 and rear Dunlop 606, half used up. So they won't last the trip. Two choices lug two new tires along to swap out on the road or switch out hear at home?

I'm leaning towards bringing a new set with me and changing out in NM, as I don't know if a set of new tires will make it 7,000 miles.

Two tire choices- TCK 80's good knobbies and grip but mileage at about 5,000 miles.

Heidenua K60's - not sure what to expect for miles, but better than the TCK 80's, but less aggressive pattern. I think the K60's would make the complete trip based on what my G/S has shown with these tires.

Need to figure out how to mount the Moose roll chart holder, as the bars don't have a cross brace. I'd prefer to keep it simple w/o all the stalks like the Ram mounts. Any suggestion??
On my KLR 650 I ran stock sprockets (15/45) to Salida, CO. It is mostly good roads, flat land and low elevations up to there. In Salida I switched to 2under/2over (13/47) for the steep rocky passes, higher elevations, sand and lower speeds on the rest of the trail. With 2under/2over I did not have to worry about changing chain length. You can go back to stock sprockets for the ride home.

I would not want the hassle, weight and space of carrying extra tires. Just in to Colorado at Trinidad the trail passes right in front of a good sized motorcycle shop called Valcom Motorsports that caters to riders on the trail. Also, arrowhead motorsports in Moab, UT caters to riders on the trail. You can call ahead to either and if they do not have what you want, they will get it for you.

I used Kenda 270 knobbies front and rear. They are a good duel sport tire. Long life with not too much noise and vibration on the highwayand good traction for sand, gravel and rocks. I put 11,000 miles on the rear tire before I changed it. It was really really worn out at that point, but no threads were showing.
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