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Review; SWM Crashbars for XT1200Z

After a long wait, I finally got my SW Motech crashbars in. I chose these because the OEM Yamaha ones are more expensive, and I have good experience with SWM parts.

Package is heavy, 6 bolts, 6 washers, 1 A4 instruction sheet. And 2 massive crashbars!

1St step is to remove the OEM crashbars. They mount exactely where the SWM crashbars mount on the sides.

Here you can see the holes on the right.

And here the left. Notice the rubber plug that supports the radiator. You'll see where the crashbars connect here in a while.

Front mounting point. Instructions are to mount the right side first, and never undo the 2 bolts at the same time.



Rubber plug on the radiator side.

End result.

They look and feel sturdy, price is right, mounting is easy. Right panel comes right off with the bars attached (just put a cloth on the inside of the bars to protect the plastic when you pull it away from the bike)
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