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Review; XT1200Z modded Motorradgarage bracket + MRA

I used to have a DL650 V-Strom. I graduated to a XT1200Z 3 months ago. On the V-Strom I suffered from buffeting, alot. my 6ft6 long body didn't help much. It was cured with a Schuberth C3, MRA windshield with spoiler and the famous Madstad bracket. This bracket allows for the windshield to be angled at your preference, enabling everybody to find their pocket of calm smooth air.

The Waspworks engineered Motorradworks available windshield bracket for the XT1200Z does just that. Price is right, shipping is ridiculously fast. Get this if you plan on getting a Super Ten, trust me.

The bracket has 2 rods, 2 ratchets (I prefer the ratchet over the turning knob system of the Madstad) and 4 brackets; all powdercoated, all precisely engineered and cut.

Mounting it is pretty easy.

GPS install is also an option, you can either purchase a bracket made especially from motorradgarage I believe, or DIY.

I tried the stock windshield, but no matter what angle I set it at, no use. It's just too tiny. I have no intrest in running the bike naked, so another windscreen was ordered. Found the MRA spoiler equipped windscreen at Review HERE

Sadly even with this combo, the windscreen is just too small. The bracket + spoiler create a huge area of calm air, but my big head sticks just above it. Crouching down just 5cm eliminating the buffeting. But I do like to sit normally when I ride. So I could either buy another windscreen, or fabricate a bracket to move it heigher. I opted for the latter.

2 brackets of alu, holes drilled, screws added. Painting + neater screws will come later.

GPS still fits

The windscreen now sits 10-3.5cm more heigher up then without modding the bracket.

Does look a bit...awfull...



Finally no more buffeting. Just as with the Madstad, angling the windscreen/moving it upwards creates a gap between the dash and the windscreen; It seems that would allow air to pass through and ruin the windprotection; in reality, I don't even notice the air passing though the opening. My tank bag holds back most of it.

Riding with my visor open up to 90km/hr was tested, not a problem.

Stability OEM; rock solid

Stability with bracket; rock solid

Stability with modded bracket; Slight vibration, no worse then having a large windscreen mounted. GPS readable just fine.

Conclusion; The Waspworks/motorradgarage bracket is the first farkle everybody should get when they own the XT1200Z. It will improve your riding comfort hugely. If you are a tall rider like myself, get the bracket and a large windscreen (NO, not the awfull OEM Yamaha Tall Touring Screen, think the GIVI or something...) and it will work. If you're stuck with a 'medium' tall screen like myself, modding the bracket is an option.
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