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You're gonna have a ball! I did the TAT to CO last year on 606's plus four days of passes (Mosquito, Hancock and Monarch amongst them) and still had a lot of wear left. I wouldn't carry tires especially if you camp. You'll get tired of loading and unloading them and you'll easily get to Arrowhead on what you start with.

Don't bother with the roll charts at least to Colorado. They take too much time fiddling with odo and doing math if you forget. Everything this side of Utah is in Mapsource (if you use Garmin). If you create routes turn off recalculate or auto-routing or it will f*&k you up when you get off route (and you will). I used tracks instead of routes because they never change and because they will cross gaps in roads where routes won't.

Sam has rerouted CO to go around Hancock and Tomichi passes because so many had complained (even though there were clearly marked big bike go arounds). Mistake in my opinion. This was a fun section and would be perfect for the bike you're riding. Yes it's rough, steep in places and rocky but it's Colorado fer pete's sake! The views are awesome. If you want tracks for that part PM me and I'll send them to you.

Here's a sample of Hancock:

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