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Install log, Honda NX650, EU-spec frame, roughly identical to US-spec NX frame:

First impression is that everything will bolt right on

The frame bolt for the cross-brace piece of Al is 1/2 an inch higher
- fixed problem by drilling two extra holes in A-shaped support

Radiator shroud no longer lines up
- replaced "beautiful" shroud with a spatula-like shroud
- ground spatula-shroud to fit the wrong-way around and not hit the frame near the bottom
- drilled cross-brace to fit the holes on the spatula-shroud
- test-install

Done. No pics as I didn't have the camera on me. Stay tuned :)

Mark, I'll be returning the nice-looking curved shroud just in case you want it for another customer. I had no idea how useful the "extras" would be :)
No bikes right now :( Used to own the best dommie in Romania and a damn-good R1100GS. Modded the hell out of both before selling them. Looking to get another bike soon.
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