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Originally Posted by BMW Atlanta View Post
I'd say the OEM suspension/settings on the TE449 are better then the G450X out of the box. Same kind of great traction, albeit the TE449/511 and 310 are coming with Karoo's as the standard equipment tire. Last long and will do great in gravel at speeds, not so good on rutted/rocky root type riding.

The transmission ratio in the TE is tighter overall between 1st and 6th. In off the floor trim the bike is good gearing for trail duty, but too short for any real dual sporting and when you get the 6th gear up to a safe 65mph cruise you have a first gear you have to be doing 15mph in to not have to use the clutch, typical Husky close ratio were are gonna race to the top of the alp and back and no overdrive needed. Would love to put their engineers out in the Desert or even around these parts on a 200+ mile day dual sport with the way they have the TE's geared.
I have read many of your posts here and on other forums and you seem to have a vast knowledge of these motors.

If you don't mind I have a couple of questions.

1. I read about your engine failure, and am curious if Husky made any changes to possibly beef up the bottom end. Have they increased piston life on the Husky?

2. What are the valve check intervals like? Do they seem to move often?

3. Any small obscure wear items that should be closely inspected with these motors on a regular basis? For instance my YZ450f SM bike was hard on timing chains, so I would replace them at 10 hours, or every other valve check after having one stretch to the point it would jump timing on downshifts around 15 hours.

I have read almost the entire G450 thread and these are the questions I was left with.

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