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Originally Posted by little_twin View Post
I have read many of your posts here and on other forums and you seem to have a vast knowledge of these motors.

If you don't mind I have a couple of questions.

1. I read about your engine failure, and am curious if Husky made any changes to possibly beef up the bottom end. Have they increased piston life on the Husky?piston life wasn't the issue in my case, lower rod bearing was and HSQ has spec'd a better quality rod bearing with a DLC coated cage. At 100 hours piston wasn't half bad and others who I know A and AA riders have made it into 150/160 hours on original piston but all of their riding was offroad only

2. What are the valve check intervals like? Do they seem to move often? Seem to be pretty solid in not sucking into the head. I had DJH replace my exhaust valves at the 100 hour failure I had and he couldn't find any significant mods to make without re-inventing the wheel. Threw in new oem Exhaust valve because they could use it.

3. Any small obscure wear items that should be closely inspected with these motors on a regular basis? For instance my YZ450f SM bike was hard on timing chains, so I would replace them at 10 hours, or every other valve check after having one stretch to the point it would jump timing on downshifts around 15 hours. On the G450 the biggest thing is swing arm pivot maintenance. About the only real common theme I've seen from the BMW to the HSQ transition is that the shifter lever will loosen on the shaft after a few hours break-in use and if you just tighten up the pinch bolt that solves that, however if you do not remove it and anti-sieze it getting it off down the road can be very interesting process. Torque limiter is really the only odd-ball maintenance thing that I had to do at 70 hours, felt kind of like a slipping clutch but not really. HSQ is on the third generation torque limiter to my knowledge, so hopefully a much longer service lifer. Engine needs to be taken out of frame on the G450X and not sure if you can get the side cover off the case in the HSQ frame without removing engine. It can be done on the G450 by cutting off the couple of bolts that are too long to come out and hit the frame riser, then taper the cover holes and replace the old bolts with a tapered bolt and no need to remove engine from G450X either.

I have read almost the entire G450 thread and these are the questions I was left with.

As for overall service interval, it would appear Husqvarna has a 6000mile/10,000km rebuilt interval recommended for the TE449/511. I am waiting for confirmation on that with the IT tech dept as there is a misprint in the table found in the owner's manual.

I found clutch life to be VERY good, at over 3600 miles/100 hours the clutch pack was less then 25% worn per the specs from a new pack to minimum thickness.
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