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Hey ADW,

I am supposed to have a call with the Schube's this week. I will ping them.

From my understanding, the range difference was a purposeful sacrifice. They built the SRC into the neck roll to eliminate the possibility of adding any additional noise and decrease in aerodynamics by bolting on any external elements.

At the apex price point most folks hold the quiet and streamline at the top of their list for reasons to pick up such an investment over a more everyday modular. I am not excited about the decrease in range, but I can understand the logic. Some have been affected by it and some have not, I can see in an offroad situation how it could be a line of sight issue.


Originally Posted by ADW View Post
The Shuberth SRC system is essentially a Cardo Scala G4 that's integrated into the helmet package. The "mainstream" G4 has a claimed range of up to 1 mile, whereas the SRC has a claimed range of only roughly 1000 feet (300m).

Seems like a huge range decrease (1000 vs. 5000 feet) for a price premium ($300 for the SRC vs. $200 for a single G4). A couple buddies have new C3's with SRC and we/they tried them on a ride in the Tennessee mountains (Tellico) last weekend. Not really terribly impressed with the range. They might be acceptable on street rides, but for ADV rides with winding dirt roads and etc. they just didn't work well. I understand that even the G4 claim of a mile is probably a stretch, but still...900 feet wasn't at all a reasonable range. They were only good when you were within close sight distance of each other. If one guy went around the turn even 100 yards ahead of you, that was it...he was "gone" from the radio. A little better in straight line of sight, but not 900 feet (which isn't really very much separation distance for two bikes).

Hopefully Schuberth has an optional external antenna or something? 50% more money for 1/5 the range sounds like a pretty bad tradeoff. Boochzilla, since you're in contact with Shuberth can you ask them if they have a solution?
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