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Originally Posted by PlasticSun View Post
It means you likely suspended it, it should say on the TVIP "Suspendito" with your initials next to that. This is what CR customs is supposed to do when you exit the country is give you that option. Odds are high that it's suspended but every now and then some one stupid (like me) thinks they're going to South America and chooses to turn around after finalizing their CR TVIP which means a big hassle at PC.

You can do everything at Sixola, there's insurance for sale and customs at both sides and if you do need to spend a couple extra days in CR Puerto Viejo is just 30 km away.

The major difference is at Sixola they're still ruled by the office in PC, so if for some reason they need the jefe to sign off on something (like a dumb gringo who finalized his TVIP instead of suspending it....again me) they'll send you down to PC to talk to the jefe who will likely need to call San Jose to plead your case. However, if it's a routine crossing Sixola will serve your needs just fine and the bridge there is a fun ride.
Just got back from Costa Rica, turns out I didn't suspend or cancel my permit - we left without exiting the bike. I showed up on the 8th - and my permit was good until the 9th - so I was able to go to Puerto Viejo for one night. And let me tell you - there is a lot of nice scenery over there! I took advantage of the local fruit over there. Ricisima

So basically I was allowed into CR for one day - which was enough for me to renew my tourist visa and get another 2 months on my TVIP for Panama (with the allocation of another 1 month extension).

I was told howver that since I never checked out - next time I wabnt to go to CR I can go to Paso Canoas and the hefe there will give me credit for the days I was out of costa rica - which would allow me to return with the bike before 90 days.

And the brige was cool - i rode it through the middle.

Me and my new friend Marlon McKnight at the Sixaola border - the boy loving Aduana man....

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