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New front end sounds cool! When its a plug-and-play, I'll line somebody with a G/S up with my front end

BEancan has been working, so far, I'm afraid to even mention it. Just got a new Advance from Rick. Apparently I still had a Very Early version... like two years old or more, which is FOrever in bean can years.

WELL tonights big story is this:

Went back down to do battle with the bike. Decided after speaking with Anton today that I ought to go ensure that the swingarm pivots were torqued properly. HE mentions 7 Nm as the right hand number to look for. I see that as 5ft-lbs. Book says to take the left hand side (dreaded 12mm hex) to 105Nm (89Ft-lbs) and then take the right hand pivot first to 3.5 ft-lbs to seat them. Then slack and take it back up to 5 ft-lbs. ANton said go 105 LEft, then 7Nm Right, then 105 on the lock nut. I took the extra step of seating the bearing at 3.5 which was proabbly useless in my case, but most things I do seem to be thus.

NExt, I decided to take out the rotor, seeing as how a new one will be going in tomorrow night, if the stars align.

OK, Alt and rotor come out and wait on nearby stump. HEy this is going well. I am feeling like a rough tough biker dude, working on my own shit!

NOw left with nothing immediately pressing, I make the desicion to open the right hand valve cover and see what is making such a racket down there. I figurerd if its not hte valve lash, its the rocker arm lash.

Indeed it is. The exhaust side has damn near .2mm of slop, and the little plastic bushing looks like its been rat-chewed. The intake has less, but still some.

Christ in a dump truck. I think the universe is trying to tell me something about maybe not going to the Pine Barrens this weekend :gah It looks like it may very well destroy itself on the Jersey Turnpike. Wont that be fun.

WELL I start poking around in this big tupperware box I have filled with all kinds of "SHITE PEE DEE" and amongst all the various bits and bobs... fairing nuts, spoke nipples, bashplate bolts, circlips, o-rings, old beancans, all kinds of random shit... is ONE lets count them ONE plastic rocker arm bushing.

OK, Universe, I'm trying to listen, but I'm getting mixed signals.

Off comes the valve cover, Off come the head nuts, Off comes the rocker block, Out comes the shaft, and I dont lose any needles The new bushing is so nice that i even have to remove one of the spacer-washers to get it to fit right. Now there's a LOT less lash, almost the tight amount if i do say so myself. The intake still has a bunch of lash but I think it might survive this trip. The valve adjustment also survived.. DIdnt have to readjust anything when I slapped it back together.

Will post pics of the chewed bushing for your perusal when I can get a more better upload pipe.

I sure love that bike...
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