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Geigerrig 700

RIG700 = Great! Geigerrig Service = Great! ADVRider Deal = Great!
Go Geigerrig and ADVRider! Wa-hoo.

I ordered my Geigerrig 700 Blue on Saturday evening. Woke up on Monday to find an email from Bob waiting for me. My filter and tube are being shipped today. On Tuesday I got an email with a tracking number from the assigned Geigerrig shipper. Oh boy, Oh boy ... itís coming! The RIG700 was delivered today. I expect the filter and tube tomorrow (they had further to travel).

Like everyone else already found out, the Geigerrig is an incredibly well designed and built unit with lots of very nice big and little details. The attention to small detail surprised me a couple times while I was setting it up. From the elastic or Velcro loops that keep the strap ends under control, the drain hole at the bottom of the bladder pouch, the elastic bands that provide comfortable tension for the chest strap while you still have the full strain relief of the nylon straps, the internal hard plate that protects the bladder from the contents of the pack (and distributes the pressure of the pack contents and sharp objects against the whole bladder surface). The just details go on and on. I looked closely and I cannot find one crooked or unfinished seam or any signs of poor construction. Itís simply a great product. Wa-hoo.

I was even able to set the RIG700 up so it fits me very comfortably. I have never been able to get any other hydration pack to fit comfortably. Again, Wa-hoo!

Disclosure: I am a complete n00b with hydration packs. Never owned one before. I could never find one I thought would do the job for me. I've looked at them for years and have even bought a few, but every time they were returned immediately after closer inspection disclosed how badly they sucked overall (pun intended).

I am looking forward to testing the RIG700 more fully on a day ride this Saturday and will post again after some real experience. Wa-hoo.

Cons. I need to be honest with the inmates. I have to be pretty nit picky to find anything for this anyway and I was able to resolve everything easily anyway, so not much of a con really.

Upon inspection, I discovered the o-ring in the quick disconnect for the air pump was pinched and deformed. A little rubbing to warm it up and mash the squashed area back into the correct shape seemed somewhat successful, so I reassembled it. The pump and bladder operated leak free during later tests.

Ahhh, the short waist strap... I had it about one inch from fully extended (I'm 6'0", 175) when wearing the RIG700 over my Rallye Pro 2 Jacket (the blues even work together as I was hoping. Wa-hoo!). Length of the strap would have been ok for me most of the time, but it probably would not be so comfortable, say ... after a Holiday dinner. Seems like the belt was sized without considering it will also be worn over safety gear on motorcycles. Closer examination finds that you can offset the Velcro that attaches around the D rings at the pack, so only 50% of the Velcro is sticking together. This adds around two more inches to each strap.

Despite the 2 functional concepts for managing the excess strap ends, elastic in the waist strap and Velcro loops for the shoulder straps, the chest strap has nothing I can find to restrain the loose end?!? Since I am not planning on using the waist belt (at least initially), I just took one of the elastic loops from the waist belt and moved it to the chest strap. Itís a little big, but Bingo, I'm all set.

I watched all of the videos on your Youtube channel. You need to weed out duplicates and title the clips better. It would be real nice to have at least one in-depth 'instruction' video that specifically points out all the features, how they work and what they can be used for (for us n00bs). Close up's, action shots, etc. E.g. you currently have a shot of you operating the quick release valve in your video, but it is shot from quite a distance. It would be nice if there were also a close up. It's not like I couldn't figure it out easily though. Point out the vertical adjustment in the chest strap, etc. Donít need to go into the Ďit squirtsí thing so heavy in this video, we already drank the Kool-Aid and bought one.

Thanks again to Bob and Gigerrig for such an awesome product!

Inmates - if you haven't bought one of these yet, do it! You won't be sorry you bought the best!
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