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And we're off...

Paperwork appears to be complete and I have a Peruvian plate on the motorcycle, which should mean I am all set to go!

I picked up some last minute spares including two tubes, two spark plugs, one each of throttle, clutch, and brake cables, a liter of oil and some chain lube. Additionally, I had them swap out the stock tires for dual sport tires to hopefully help me avoid getting stuck in the occasional patch of deep sand on bad roads (I got stuck for hours once at 4000 meters trying to push myself out of a sand well, the effort was exhausting to move six inches at a time).

The downside is that their shop was busy enough that they can't swap the tires until tomorrow morning, so in theory the mototaxi will be ready for pickup at 11AM and I should be on the road out of Lima by noon. I doubt I will make the 300km to Ica, but at least I'll be on the move!

I spent all of last week zooming around Easter Island on a Yamaha 250 enduro bike... I think I may be in for an adjustment!

One random comment: According to the manual, the transmission is a "rotary system" which goes N-1-2-3-4-5 then starts over (or vice versa, depending). This means you can shift "up" from 5th into Neutral (then first!) or shift "down" from Neutral into 5th and not go anywhere. The shifting is also set up like a race bike, meaning you click down to go up a gear and up to go down a gear. I've ridden a bike with such before, but never this "rotary system." Hopefully it doesn't confuse me too much!
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