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This needs a bump...

Get the bike to fit you! I'm tall so that included high bars, risers, lowered pegs, tall seat. I added stiff springs to carry the load, no more front end dive where it feels like you going to fly off. I like soft bags for touring. Keep the weight down!

I really like my wind shield, its left on most of the time now. Heated grips help out a bunch even on rainy summer days in the mountains. I have the Safari fuel tank, I love the range and its so nice when your making time crossing the plains or something else at high speed. Less fuel stops more miles covered, I can do at least 400 miles a tank loaded heavy at sane speeds. Nice comfy grips, I use ProGrips 699's. I like my Alaska butt pad too. Oh... good ear plugs and maybe some tunes... I don't like riding the boring bits without my Ipod...

I took this pic today, I'm running some mild tires for mostly pavement touring... I'll be going back to much more aggressive tires though. The Shinko 705 works well on the rear for ADV touring. I want to put a more aggressive tire on the front soon but my old Anakee won't die.... The mild tires on the front last.. and last... I still have a 705 front to use up... too.. Great on long road trips of mostly pavement and hard pack.

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