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I built a Harley Dirtster to take to Magadan this summer
(you may ask why? I would answer why not?)

I was going to run my tried & true aluminum boxes, until I took it offroad, & realized that those alloy bags are great for roads, but not so much when offroad (to wide/big, and a couple times I hit them with my leg in the rough stuff)

So I decided to go with wolfman bags. I called Joe at Motostrano last friday, because he is on ADV, and I want to support guys on here. (ok, they also had the best prices, & free shipping)
I asked if he had the bags in stock, he said yes. Monday I ordered them off the website, I got an email shortly after that I saw April 15 on. I didnt read it close, & thought it was the delivery date. (I crate & ship the bike next Monday, & wanted to get everything mounted up)
Wednesday night, I thought to look at the tracking number, to see when they would arrive, and saw the SHIPPING date was the 15th!
I got worried, so I called Joe yesterday. It seems they had the bags in stock, but not the tank panniers or the webbing bag mount kit.
(this is my fault, as I didnt ask if he had these 2 items in stock)
I told him I was shipping the bike monday, & as they wouldnt be here in time, I needed to cancel my order & look at other options.

He said no problem, you will have them tomorrow.

I deal with alot of places that make promises, to get you off the phone,
but the fed ex truck just brought me a box with everything, just as he promised!

Big thumbs up to Joe & his shop!!!!!

He'll have my business from now on, and I hope yours also!

ok, now I have to go figure out how this stuff mounts up......

My bike hotel in Bulgaria. ADVriders get 1st beer free!

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