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Originally Posted by AdvWolf View Post
What if you use the pink foam board to mill out the specs of the beek and then vaccuum form the tooling (foam board) out of a more flexable plastic.

RCBI- will allow you to rent a student for $40-50/ an hour tools included. All the cool thing that we want to really build with. Anyway if we got enough riders to pull the money together we could probably pull this off for pretty cheap. The more riders in the pool the cheaper the cost. 3-D modeling with one of the trace guns. I could take my beek to them right on the bike or take it off and they should have the model done by the first hour- $ 50. Customize to specs length/ distance. (3-D Modeling) send it to the milling machine to make the tool. (2-3 hr. tops if that) Then it is the option of carbon fiber or plastic vaccum or injection. If you get what I mean.
That is all good......but I will be done with 5 of those before the first guy arrives........ Ok.... this could be a great idea for some folks..... But for`s overkill, and I`d rather put that money to work somewhere else..... If I was making an oversize fuel tank that had to fit the inside of a sub frame..... then it might be a different story.....

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