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Originally Posted by ebrabaek View Post
Yes. And that would be simple to do...... But the more I look at this....( looking in the garage while getting tools for the table assembly...).... I see that it would next to impossible to make a new beak....and reuse the black plastic......Very complex lines and angles..... but now leaning towards.....making a new front plastic.....longer off course....and reuse the stock painted beak...... Some serious design went into the stock beak....and it will be hard to break the lines...... well....ehh... successfully...

That was what I had in my head when I fist looked into this thread... taking the stock black front piece and glue foam (of something) onto the front which you could carve into whatever shape you want, and then use the whole thing as a mold that you can do the layups over.

personally, i kinda like the fugly beak on the first page. It seems like the recurve on the front would block a lot of dirt and debris from getting flung forward and ending up on the headlight/helmet while the shorter overall length would be better for vibration issues
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