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Next couple days: To L.A.

Over the next couple days I met up with another buddy from Vegas and we rode around and in general took it easy. We then made our way to L.A. and Kenny (Vegas buddy) showed us some pretty sweet roads on the way there. Before we got there, though, we had to make it through the face-melting ride through desert at high noon in the height of summer. It is seriously like having someone hold a blow dryer in your face at the max setting. People with lighter skin should make note to bring a ton of sun-tan lotion. I have heard of people getting NASTY sun burn on their faces riding through the desert.

Dirk and Kenny! (I'm on left then Kenny then Dirk)

Kenny gets us some epic food.


Loved this eatery though. Had a nice feel to it. Music was downtempo jazz.

The craziest FJR known to man. Continent crosser.

That's a fuel cell. And supplies to do oil changes on the road because that's how far he travels every couple days...we ended up chatting with him and his buddy. Great guys.

Never trade the thrills of living for the security of existence.

FZ6 vs North America:
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