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Originally Posted by Ceri JC View Post
Me and a mate always say the front of his KTM 690SM looks like Spy vs Spy. If I was to get one, I'd get a white one, just for the comedy value of the contrast with his black one.

EDIT: I have been looking at the new G650GS the past couple of weekends. On that, the beak rotates with the front end, rather than staying "straight on" the way larger GSes do. I wonder if with a more upright angled beak (like the F8's) and with an extension on it, you could just ditch the lower fender entirely. Modding the F8's to operate in this way would be rather tricky, but not impossible. The only thing I wouldn't like about it would be the aesthetics when the bike isn't going in a straight line (IE every time it is parked with the steering lock on/cornering), but I'd be prepared to sacrifice that for the functionality.
Yeppers..... That is where this is going..... I`m not sure it`s for me........ But several that has voiced their dis likeness for the lover huger fender..... Wanted a longer beak, so they could ditch the hugger altogether...

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