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My curiosity is getting the best of me so I pulled a few pieces off the bike for a peek....

I worked up enough courage to take a look at the battery box. After removing a chunk of inner tube and bailing wire I find that the "battery box" is actually the battery itself. One side is broke out and it has a bakelite cover. I've never seen a battery like that.

The PO couldn't get the oil dip stick loose so he had never looked to see if it even had oil in it. Upon picking up the bike I squirted a whole can of
WD- 40 over about every bolt I could see, including the dip stick.
A minor amount of persuasion and the threads finally unlocked.

Anybody speak German?

The crankcase oil was full and actually looked pretty clean, but the smell. Now I know why they call it "fossil fuel".
I imagine it looked clean because the solids have had over 25 years to settle into the oil pan.

Next I wanted to see under the rocker covers. The WD-40 treatment paid off and all bolts I removed came out easily. The rustly old crash bars came off and now I see I do have a couple of broken / bent / scarred cooling fins. They were hiding behind the crash bars.

I pulled all 4 rocker covers and everything looks pretty good save for a minor coating of grunge as expected. At least all the valves are where they're supposed to be. I had visions of finding a swallowed valve, water intrusion or something ugly.
No major build up of crap or mouse nests anyway. No rust either.

I pulled the air filter out and removed the top engine cover which hides the coil. No rodent evidence in either place which is good.

I'm finding a lot of miss - matched bolts and nuts every where. My BMW bolt stash is replacing some of them. The Zundapp uses a few 11mm and 13mm bolt heads which is different from BMW. Not too many 11mm bolts on a beemer.
I'm sure a person could obtain $$$$$ Zundapp original fasteners but WTF.

I'm itching to pull a cylinder head and take a look, the suspense is killing me....maybe this afternoon?

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