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Originally Posted by cbolling View Post
The speed has come up quite a bit as I get more miles on it. It was not officially broken in according to Yamaha until 600 miles. The motor really seems more powerful at 800 miles than it did at 500 miles.

On a flat street I can hold the mid 50's and maybe drop to the upper 40's on a steep hill. (hopefully these will go up a bit now that my tires are properly inflated.

As for mileage I have not been super accurate on checking and given the fact that the engine was still breaking in it is kind of hard to be very accurate. But with my 215 lb butt on it riding at WFO most of the time I am getting in the upper 70's. Again, that also seems to be increasing as the engine loosens up.
Just wondering if your mileage would go up if you used Premium without ethanol in it? If you can find it... Or have you tried already?
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