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oh, yeah, the rotor had none. I hit it with the DF and got a brightly burning light, and I also crossed the rings with a screwdriver (brushes lifted) and got a brightly burning light.

SO it seems the rotor was certainly fuct. Confirmed by RIck, and he sent me a new one, which arrived just about two hours too late to take it to the pine barrens, but I decided to take the 450 instead, and it was a blast not the same panache, of course, but I had fun, nonetheless. This is my second omega rotor, and this one was installed on Jan 10 of '09. Probably has less than 20K miles on it.

At the same time I was checking the rotor, I noticed the brush wire where it solders to the plate was totally freaking loose, so after trying to re-solder the wire to a 1mm thick plate ( wtf who thought THAT up?) I went ahead and bought the brushes with the ring terminal crimped on, from Rick as well.

Everything is in the barn tonight, (except I too the Odyssey out of it to put in the girlfriend's 1150.)

Bike should be ready by the Ontario Ride if I'm lucky

Oh hey Lornce, I also got a hold of one of those Emerald drive shafts, with the little suppository shaped cush drives, if you want detailed pics or anything.

I had thought that maybe the loose wire was the problem all along... could it be developing high resistance heat in the rotor if that wire is loose? Is that what maybe overheatedthe rotor inside or something? Similar to corrosion causing voltage drop causing higher amps required, etc..? I mean, this right here is the definition of a shitty connection in the charging system, thats for sure. The brushes with ring terminals should help a lot.
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