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Have an HPMGuy, hard urethane, and its probably got maybe 15K miles on it? I'm beginning to get confused, since in between not maintaining it, I'm swapping out stuff regularly :lol I remember thinking I was passing the recommended 10K grease interval, and thinking "thats too soon to dig in and remove the shaft." Maybe, maybe not!

So I have another shaft to try out, one of those Emerald ones with the little suppositories for cush, so when I get the Anton-re-man'ed FD back, I'll put the new shaft in. This time, I just put the new FD on without taking off the swingarm.

Thanks for the recommendation on the charger... I will check it out.

The vibe is weird, its through the whole bike, like handlebars, pegs, and seat.

Have some cool pics, but forgot the MAc power cord, today, lol... almost out of batteries, (again!) will see if I cant scam a co-workers computer for a bit.

Looks like i'll get the rotor probably on Thursday, and leaving Friday afternoon, after a half day of work. Never a dull moment!
I also picked up one of these Emerald shafts. I tried to "dry" fit it with a spare swing arm I have laying around after reading that the yoke on the FD side is larger than the BMW shaft. And it is. Another fella across the pond has ground down the casting marks on the swing arm to get it to slide down. I picked up the bits, have not tried it yet.
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