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It's funny reading this thread because it's the same questions from all the other K-60 threads;

When will they be available? The 140/80 is fairly easy to come by. The 150-70 is the "be DAMNED" tire at the moment.

Where can I buy these? I purchased mine from Moto Amore 408-295-3004.

What's the difference between the K-60 and a TKC80? Price and wear. Bring the right gun to the fight. If you need a pure mud bogging tire or as much traction as possible off-road then a TKC80 is your option. The K-60 however is getting a lot of attention because it seems to provide 85% of a TKC80 grip with almost double the wear (depends on rider and conditions). It's a tire that IMHO is a true 50/50 tire. It blows the doors off a Tourance off-road but has almost the same wear on-road!

What's the difference between the 140 and the 150 rear? 140 is the tire width. 140 is narrower then the 150. The other aspect that's different is the height of the tire. The 140/80, which is what I've been using, is a narrower and taller (sidewall) then the normal 150/70. What's the difference in handling....I must be too much of a noob to know. They handle the same to me.

What's the difference in the compound? Not sure. I only know they changed the center thread blocks to decrease wear on road.

How much wear will they withstand? Depends, my set is near 6,000miles, mixed 75% road and 25% dirt and looks like it can last another 3,000miles!!! That's outstanding in my opinion for a true 50/50 tire.

I hear/read they have three versions of threads? Pictures here -->

What's the price? Personally I paid $134 front and $155 rear back in late November. I purchased the 140/80 rear because the 150 was in limbo with it's thread redesign. No problems and almost 6,000miles later I would still buy the 140/80.

Why are the prices so high? Supply and demand?! Have you looked at the price of gas lately? It affects every aspect of just about everything. I really don't know

How are people finding these? Their are several online shops, might be cheaper then buying from the distributor directly. The distributor doesn't discount the tires to undercut his vendors (makes sense from a business stand point).

Why are they so popular now, I never heard about these before? These tires have been available for a long time however it wasn't until the last year or two that their popularity spiked. It never had/was a widely distributed tire in the states. Dealerships didn't help the cause, they didn't want to stock a tire to have it sit on the shelf....if nobody ask's, why should I stock it! <----This is what I encountered from several dealers who just didn't want to listen to a guy who did a little research on the web and just wanted to try a different tire! I would always get the same response....."OH, you don't want those/I never heard of those, better stick to something that's been proven/Oh, so you want knobbies, get the TKC80/I don't think they import those/You can't buy those in the states/I'll look into it.....never heard back/Everybody just buys [ ] instead"

Is their any problems with these tires? The most common problem I've heard from SOME people is that the front tires loose a little air pressure over time. Why, nobody seems to know? I personally seem to loose about 3-5lbs a week (AT MOST). It seems worse (closer to 5lbs every 3 days) IF the weather is very cold?! Why? I have no idea! (pressure and temperature) The dealer told me they had a problem with a couple people having this accrue in the wet northwest but that was about it. Personally, very small inconvenience if you ask me. It's a weird thing but like I said, seems more noticeable with cold weather then warm. This problem can be remedied buy simply buying a TKC80 front it you really need a front knobby.

Why are people so mad? Because people just like to be mad at something? No sense in getting mad because it never goes anywhere. Fix it and move something else you want to be mad at.

Why do I care and why do I know so much about the K-60's? I was in the same boat as everyone but I finally got off my ass, off the internet, and on the phone talking to dealers then a vendor, then bought these for myself! I didn't regret it!! I would buy these without a doubt again! I'm just reporting my findings and hoping it's solves the worlds problem and I get a Noble Peace Prize for it. .

Did I leave anything out? I'm sure someone will tell me.........after all it's the internet and we're all self proclaimed experts, or a glorified noob like me.
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