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Cougar tracks: The Blind Date

Prologue: March 28, 2011
So there I am, perusing one of my favourite ADV threads - Single ADV men .....For the wominz of ADV - and I come across this posted by Rat734

WHOOT ~ I think I’ve come up with my best crazy idea yet.

I’m gonna set up my own blind date. The way I got it figured there is some woman in the silent masses that can't wait to meet me. I’m going to make it easy for her.


WHEN: Saturday April 9th, 2011 at High Noon

WHERE: Zion National Park Checkerboard Mesa parking lot

HOW: I’ll be there. Just show up

NOTE: I know how this will play out. I’m gonna be the first man in the history of ADV that has been stood up by an imaginary woman...

Now the Ratman also posts on another thread I participate in where we've engaged in some flirtatious banter and we've also chatted via PM. He's a very intelligent guy and his writing is fantastic. He sees into the center of a situation and describes it in a very articulate and sensitive way. He, like I, is an incurable romantic. It also doesn't hurt that he looks like this

I show the post to a couple of my co-workers and say "Wouldn't it be wild if I just show up there? What an adventure it would be!"
"Uh, yeah" they reply "Cool" OK, they're not articulate, sensitive or romantic.

By the next day I'm actually starting to take this idea seriously and to their credit so are my co-workers, they're really good friends. I need to leave on Monday, April 4 and I need to be back Wednesday, April 13. It'll be a whirlwind trip but I figure I can fit in a little sight-seeing too, like maybe Death Valley. The first key is to get some leave, if I can't get the leave I can't make the trip, so the leave request goes in. If I get the leave I'll make up my mind whether I'll really go. On Thursday I find out my leave has been approved. The adventure is a GO!
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