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There's a new post by Rat734 on Single ADV men today.

So I've Been Reflecting today.

Until further notice all Blind Dates with the Ratman are cancelled.

Sorry for any inconvenience...

Crap!! Now what am I going to do? I'm all jazzed up about the trip, I've booked the leave, I've told my friends I'm going, I can't just back out now! Besides I really want to do it.
I hadn't told the Ratman of my plan, that would spoil the intent and the surprise, but now I PM him. I tell him of the trip. I also tell him to put on his tour guide hat, I'm coming anyway.
His reply is typical Ratman and as such is beautiful

Cindy get to me and we’ll have a great time. I knew you would be one that would consider the whole Blind Date thing appealing and not because of anything I might offer but because of this…

You my dear friend suffer from Dreamer’s Disease. I have been a lifelong sufferer myself and recognize the symptoms. We will trade time, money and energy for this mystery of Romance. We will make fools of ourselves in front of others as we proclaim our Love of Romance. The more outlandish the proposal the stronger our belief in it’s potential.

We seek the Dream within us.

The adventure is still ON!!
Cougar tracks
The initial pawprints
The blind date
A Cougar goes racing
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