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Originally Posted by Jeff Watts View Post
Not trying to offend, so please don't take it wrong.

Why not just use ammo cans? This and the tank thing, just seems like over-engineering is biting you on the backside.
It'll take a lot more than that to offend me so don't worry. I do it because I want to. simple as that. I enjoy learning new skills, I may fail, but that is the fun part.

This whole project would make most people ask why bother? why not just buy a Vstrom?

The ammo cans?? Cmon this ain't a KLR plus the bags weigh about 7 lbs each and are better looking than ammo cans. I am redoing the lids completely so that will look nicer. I only have about $75 into these bags and that inlcudes the hardware and hinges etc.

I'm going to make up a sticker for them that says:

"Yes, I welded them myself. No I won't make you a set"
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