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Originally Posted by Stinky View Post
If the bike is reliable and suits my needs, I couldn't care less about race results. I'm not a competitive rider, and I don't push a bike to 20% of what a good competitive rider would. I suspect that is true of most of us here. YMMV.

I hear ya.. No doubt the Pros are rough on bikes and break more things than us mortals.. But if those guys keep breaking.. that translates into long term reliability issues for us..

Not saying the new husky is a POS.. Just saying I'd wait a year or so for the team/factory to fix the issues the bike "might" have. after all it is the first generation/year "husky" design.

that translates as to a win on Sunday for them and you get home with a smile on your face after an awesome ride with no issues..

what does your garage look like

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