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Originally Posted by kbuckey View Post
Hmm, I'm about to do another longish (3000 miles or so) tour on my DR650 and the current battery is going on 5 years so I'm figuring to change it out. I'm a little leery of brand new technology, but this really looks interesting. Question, since I also commute on the bike (coldest so far 11 degrees F) and sometimes on trips it gets in the 20s, I therefor wear a heated jacket liner and use heated grips as necessary. Um, along with a GPS. On the other hand all my lights are LEDs (including two Solstice 10W) except my headlight, which is HID. I do have a digital voltmeter to monitor the battery. The 4.6 going to work OK for this?

The 4.6 will work under these conditions and can last well beyond 5 years if you take care of it:

1. When you run all your cold weather gear your stator is able to handle the load without draining the battery, which sounds like it does if you got 5 years out of it.

2. You don't leave anything on without the charging system going...

3. For the real cold weather days, I recommend the quick disconnects and mounting the battery so you could take it inside. I use one on my snowmobile and do this. Never have a problem. I haven't tried one at 11F but at 20F it was a bit slow, but the battery self heats and gets stronger.

The racers who buy these all love the quick disconnects so they can just plug them in when they're ready to race... also if you leave them unplugged you can forget about them for a year without needed a trickle charger.

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