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I've gone on two poker runs in my 12 years of riding and both times, the stops were pretty much a bunch of cruiser riders (not necessarily HD) drinking, talking about their latest piece of chrome they installed, and "I laid her down" stories.

It was actually somewhat entertaining due to the one-upmanship taking place:

Rider 1: One day I out on my Virago at night and out came a couple deer and I had to lay her down.

Rider 2: I was coming around a blind corner on my Shadow and there was a farmer on a tractor going 3 mph and I had to lay her down. I broke my right leg in five spots and had to have my knee fused into one position. Luckily, I have forwards now so my leg can stay straight.

Rider 3: Just after 'Nam, I was riding my red, white and blue '72 Super Glide to a Iron Butterfly concert in Spokane. I had her wide open through Montana and as I came up on a stop light on a rural highway I thought I could make it through the yellow.....that's when I realized the Catholic school bus at the light was going to come across the intersection so I laid her down to save the nuns and children from my 700lbs of American iron. The EMTs patched me up and the only thing broken on the Superglide was my front brake handle which was cool because I only use my rear brake. Anyhow, I still made it on time and Ron Bushy was so messed up he forgot the drum solo during Inna-Gadda-Da-Vida....I was bummed.
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