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I got asked this weekend over beers after a dual sport ride why BMW riders think they need to pay so much for tires, their comments were especially referring to the TKC. But they practically laughed me off the table when I mentioned the cost of the K60 as they admired it on my bike.

There are a lot of good 50/50 tires out there and there are a lot of decent mileage/low cost ones out there too. Like a previous poster said, all you need to do is get off the internet and go find them.

While it's on the dirt side of riding, here's a link to a Kenda Trackmaster forum that also has information on a host of other dual sport tires ->

Several of the DSers I rode with this weekend were on the track master. Great tire. Takes you where you need to go, even on a big bike.
I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU!! Why should we pay more?!! The problem/situation is that we have tubeless tires on most of our BMW's and most sizes available for typical dual sport bikes are not available for our bikes. I've looked and I'm always willing to try something new but nothing.....

Those Kenda tires from what research I've done (which means nothing) is that they wear way too fast. Until I see or hear otherwise I just haven't found a better 50/50 tire.

I will add this. A Dual Sport bike and a large Adventure bike are two different animals. It's not that one is better then the other but rather that manufactures focused on our type of riding look at it into exactly that; adventure bike or dual sport(an oversized or glorified dirt bike). Face it, we build a dirt bike into an adventure bike which is great but we do the hacking and building......not a manufacture. Thus the problem with finding a true 50/50 tire or for that matter, finding the size or finding something for less $$$.

Now, as for blaming BMW for the cost........why doesn't somebody else build as many big adventure bikes? I think with Yamaha's big S-10 and Triumph's 800XC the market flood gates are about to open and I see more choices and lower $$ on gear more tire choices!!
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